How does the technology work?

Light is fantastic for moving energy around. Modern light-based technologies such as LEDs or Lasers can be found all around us and make the modern world what it is today. We are using these advances to transmit energy efficiently over great distance with great power. Our novel optical design allows us to absorb light energy volumetrically with high efficiency to provide industrial scale power.

What other markets are you targeting besides consumer electronics?

The world is becoming smarter, electric and more automated. These systems are relying largely on battery power and are bottlenecked by downtime spent charging. These systems include displays, sensors, robots, even electric vehicles. With Power Relay technology we can keep them all running continuously without ever stopping to charge.

How is it performing today?

Our Relay technology is capable of transmitting large scale industrial power and converting that light energy to useful electricity. This can be as low as 10 Watts across the room or Kilowatts from 100 meters away using high powered lasers.

What is the system efficiency?

Our efficiency can be as low as 20% for some systems and as high as 45% for optimized applications.

How did we invent this?

Alex Diggins is the inventor of Remote Power Relays. He has a background in Physics and enjoys learning about Quantum Mechanics and how it can be put to practical use. This led to the discovery of utilizing metastable electron states in photoluminescent materials as an ultra-efficient energy absorption and storage mechanism.

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