About Us

Nimbus Engineering is a hardware technology company and online retailer based in San Francisco, CA. Our patented technology, the Power Relay, is your portable power outlet for the home, office, and backyard.

Nimbus is led by its founding members, Alex Diggins, William Diggins, and Matt Jerrild who started the company in 2017 on a hunch that there must be a better method to run power to hard-to-reach places. It was none other than Alex’s deep appreciation for physics, technology, and dreaming big which transformed into this perfect company cocktail.

Our Vision

Using advanced energy transfer technology to power heavy-duty automated machinery and consumer electronics alike. Our vision is to power modern civilization with light, dramatically altering the future of energy technologies across the industrialized world.

Our Founders

William Diggins, President & Chief Executive Officer

Alex Diggins, Inventor & Chief Technology Officer

Matt Jerrild, Chief Financial Officer