Use Relays to charge at a distance

Power Stations

Power stations are great for powering any device you desire. But when they run out of juice, charging them up can take hours at the wall. Relay powered stations solve this problem.

Industrial Automation

Power Relays can charge mobile robots and other remote assets in factories and warehouses as they work. Never worry about downtime when your fleet can charge on the go.

Futuristic Projects

Power an array of applications by integrating Relays into smart home furniture or new maker projects. The future is built by those who dare to imagine it.

How Relays Work

The Emitter is an LED spotlight. The light source transmits energy by shining a beam of light at the receiver.

Cyclops: LED Spotlight

Plug your Cyclops spotlight in like an extension cord. Then aim the beam at a receiver to transmit energy.

Relaying Energy

The Relay receiver converts this beam of energy into useful power. Plug your desired system into a Relay for a wirelessly powered future.

The Developers Kit

  • 1. The Kit

  • 2. Cyclops Spotlight

  • 3. The Power of Light

Each kit comes with an Emitter spotlight and a Relay receiver. Point spotlight at receiver to initiate power flow.

The LED spotlight generates over 25 Watts of optical power. The beam is tuned for up to 15 feet of range.

The receiver is composed of 18 solar cell layers wired in series for 6 Watts of power output at 9 Volts. Light is gathered by a series of lightguides to absorb light volumetrically.

Who is Nimbus?

Nimbus is a San Francisco based company working on new energy technologies with research funding from Venture Capital and the Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA).

We are proud to be supported by our friends, family and a few Angel Investors that have been the life blood of bringing our vision to life. We are forever grateful to them.


Emitter LED Spotlight Specifications

  • Range - 15 Feet
  • Power - 25 Watt Optical output
  • Wavelength - 450nm
  • Power Supply - 24 Volts
  • Mount - Dual-axis turret remote control


Relay Receiver Specifications

  • Power Output - 6.0 Watts per Cyclops
  • Voltage - 9.0 Volts DC
  • Amperage - 0.65 Amps
  • Footprint - 2200 cc (2.2 liters)
  • Output port - Barrel plug 2.1 mm x 5.5 mm

Company Vision

Using advanced energy transfer technology to power heavy-duty automated machinery and consumer electronics alike. Our vision is to power modern civilization with light, dramatically altering the future of energy technologies across the industrialized world.

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Useful Questions

What happens if it's too far away?

The beam grows in size with distance and will overshoot receivers placed too far away. This results in less overall power flow.

Can the beam hit the Receiver from an angle?

The beam can hit the receiver from 30 degrees off axis without significant power loss. Future versions will benefit from anti-reflection coatings allowing for more than 60 degrees.

Can I put my hand in front of the beam?

The blue beam is an ordinary LED spotlight. Much like a stage light you find at concert venues illuminating celebrities.

Wil there be longer range or more powerful versions?

For more power simply use more light. A single receiver can handle multiple cyclops emitters. Longer range systems are currently in development for later this year.

A leap forward for wireless power beaming

Relays in the wild

We showcased our Relay technology for the public at CES in Las Vegas. Many enthusiastic visitors enjoyed seeing wireless power with their own eyes.

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